The Group
Kira Masters, Age 17, IQ 163 - Character: Takashi
The main character (whether anyone likes it or not), Kira is one crazy lass who likes to have fun, more often than not going overboard (frequently leading to injuries) whenever she gets excited (which is all the time). An infamous teamkiller. Possibly insane. Yandere tendencies. Prior to college, Kira was GM for her high school's tabletop gaming club, which included Jess, Sara & Reggy.
-Player's Alignment: Chaotic Evil
-Favorite Anime/Manga: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, One Piece
-Real Life Occupation: University Student (Law Enforcement Major)
Jessica 'Jess' Tiffany, Age 19, IQ 125 - Character: Rei
A bit of an outsider among the other gamers, Jess only recently got into tabletop gaming, after joining her high school's D&D Club halfway into her senior year---a club run by Kira, with whom she constantly bickers. A valley girl on the outside, a fujoshi on the inside. Jess can seem somewhat shallow and self-centered at times due to her rich upbringing; her family is a major brand name in the fashion industry.
-Player's Alignment: True Neutral
-Favorite Anime/Manga: Fruits Basket, Glass Mask
-Real Life Occupation: University Student (Economics Major)
Reginald 'Reggy' Marmaduke, Age 19, IQ 118 - Character: Hisashi
Likely the most normal and down to Earth player in the group, Reggy spends much of his life being dragged around by Kira and the others. Generally pretty easy going and abnormally tolerant of the craziness around him, his top skills are 'being normal' and 'getting killed', regardless of the type of game he's playing. Reggy's family comes from old money, a fact that often surprises people due to his apparent normalcy.
-Player Alignment's: Neutral Good
-Favorite Anime/Manga: Log Horizon, Prince of Tennis
-Real Life Occupation: University Student (Civics Major)
Sara Maxwell, Age 15, IQ 180 - Character: Saya
The super-genius best friend of Kira, Sara is the group's youngest player, and one of the only people who can actually handle Kira. Sara is pretty jaded to her friend's insanity, and tends to be rather lazy; she prefers to make others do all the work, in spite of her extremely high intellect. When properly motivated, however, Sara will adopt any act necessary to get what she wants. Comes from a very normal middle-class suburban family.
-Player's Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
-Favorite Anime/Manga: Fate/Stay Night, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
-Real World Occupation: University Student (Business Major)
Jem Jamison, Age 23, IQ 142 - Character: Hirano
The resident min/maxer and the most hardcore gamer (biggest nerd) among the group. Unlike the girls from Kira's group, Jem likes to play more traditional style games, although, like Guy, she is generally open minded about what she plays, though she has a hard time understanding the priorities of Kira's group. Jem was born physically male, but identifies as female.
-Player's Alignment: True Neutral
-Favorite Anime/Manga: Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood), Legend of the Galactic Heroes
-Real World Occupation: NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training), Webcomic Artist
Gaius 'Guy' Masters, Age 24, IQ 191 - Character: Saeko
AKA Guy Fox, Kira's doting big brother and quite possibly the strangest person in the group---if he qualifies as a person, which many would debate---Guy is a semi-hardcore gamer who honestly doesn't care what game he plays, and will join anything with enthusiasm. He is more than willing to take even the most absurd things seriously, and appreciates the value of the insane. Infamous for coming up with bizarre ideas that turn out surprisingly effective.
-Player's Alignment: Lawful Neutral
-Favorite Anime/Manga: Mahou Sensei Negima, Log Horizon
-Real Life Occupation: University English/History Professor, Dean of History, Part-Time Librarian
Bruno Blumemeister, Age 25, IQ 109 - Character: Shizuka
Seven feet & four hundred pounds of deer wrestling, bar bouncing, alcohol drinking muscle, Bruno is a giant of a man with a tendancy to disappear for extended periods of time after drinking binges, often winding up in strange---and remote---places. Works as a bouncer on weekends, but his real job? Teaching English Lit at the local university, where he met the others.
-Player's Alignment: Chaotic Good
-Favorite Anime/Manga: Card Captor Sakura, Tentacle Lovers
-Real Life Occupation: University Literature Professor, Part-Time Bouncer
Nathaniel 'Nate' DuVall, Male, Age 24, IQ 129 - The Gamemaster
The Gamemaster of this campaign, a long-time gaming buddy of Guy & Jem known best for his sadistic tendencies as well as his skill with descriptions & map-making. Surprisingly normal for a member of this group, it was Nate who suggested inviting Kira's group to join when their college gaming club---blissfully unaware of just what he was getting himself into.
-Player's Alignment: Lawful Evil
-Favorite Anime/Manga: Death Note, Monster
-Real World Occupation: University Graduate Student (Business Major)